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Available upgrades for existing Musafia Cremona Italy cases




As we recommend on our warranty page, the through-bolted carrying strap attachments on all cases - not just Musafia cases, of course - are subject to wear and should be inspected periodically. If they appear visibly worn or loose, they must be replaced in order to avoid the risk of breakage.


 If your strap attachments look like the ones on the left (worn but still solid), and they are securely affixed, all is well. If your strap attachments look like the ones on the right, or do not appear securely fixed, contact us immediately for replacements, and meanwhile please do not use them!

As part of our continual quest for perfection, in April 2008 these components were upgraded to make them last longer, and are happy to offer the upgraded parts free of charge to all Musafia case owners so they can upgrade their existing cases too. The parts are easy to replace and we supply them along with instructions. Please contact us if you would like to receive the free replacement kit.   

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The carrying strap is also a vital part of the security of your violin like the strap attachments mentioned above, if the strap breaks, your case will fall to the ground. We recommend that you periodically check your carrying strap components for wear, and replace them before they break. We supply replacement carrying straps to Musafia case owners for $52 (set of two, also suitable for back-pack use) post-paid to the U.S., EUR 44.00 within Europe and to other destinations. If you own a Musafia case for over 5 years and still use the same straps, we suggest you replace them; if you've had one break, we'll replace both for free. All you have to do is contact us with your mailing address. 

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Some of our older string tube and humidifier caps can split with age although this does not create any real problem, replacement parts made with a new, modified material that doesn't split as easily are available free of charge for your Musafia case.  All you have to do is contact us with your mailing address  

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