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Dear Musicians,

If you've visited my website before, you've noticed that it's been completely redesigned from the ground up. A lot of work to be sure, but not simply an exercise in aesthetics or marketing. Au contraire!

Today's world is a much different place compared to what it was when the last major musafia.com web re-design took place in 2004. And lot of things we used to take for granted in this world, don't seem so certain any more.

Housing values have been faltering for months, the world GDP shows negative growth, and historic names like General Motors are on the brink of insolvency. The United States has an African-American President, the world's largest automaker is Toyota, more cars are sold in Communist China than in the Capitalist U.S., and the ex-British colony India now owns the aristocratic Jaguar marque. People aren't even buying SUVs like they used to! What does this all tell us?

Simple: that things do change. And that we must change with them.

As we humans are blessed (or cursed) with a fundamental duality, that of emotion vs. rationality, the concept of change must manifest itself both in symbolism and in concrete actions. The actions are what we need, while the symbolism gives us the hope and courage to enact them. You can't have one without the other, as our behavior is governed by both the heart and the mind. To an extent, believing in the symbols will help make the actions work.

Economy and politics notoriously work in cycles between the up and down, the good and bad. This is a difficult moment to be sure, but by definition it is also one of opportunity in many ways. We are all beginning to question dogmas that before went unchallenged, we are seeking the truth in new ways and places, and we are finding that we are able to adapt to new situations that previously would have seemed impossible. Through our desire for change we are generating the energy to create it. 

So why the website re-design? Because it symbolizes my commitment to continually propose new values in violin and viola cases to best meet the demand of today's musicians, of what you need, now. Within the new website you'll find also new case designs developed for today's market and more information about my cases in general. It's also easier to navigate. The only thing that doesn't change is my belief in long-term quality and instrument safety, but honestly I don't think that changes for anyone else either. 

Thank you for your attention.

Dimitri Musafia 

Cremona, April 7, 2009

      “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” - Mark Twain


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